Friday, February 18, 2011

Classic Concentration - solved!

Let's solve the puzzle that I posted the other day.

"WE" (Wii)

"NEED" (knead)

"MORE MEN" (that's Joseph Smith, who started the MORMON church)

"TO" (Roman numeral 2...if you didn't get this clue, please stick to Sudoku)

"VOLUNTEER" (that's the University of Tennessee mascot, the VOLUNTEER)

"FOR" (Fore!)


We need more men to volunteer for dogwalking!

We’ve got a quite a few good male dogwalkers at the shelter, but by and large there are a lot more women than men. Why? I have no idea. But I’d sure like to see some more guys turn up to walk some dogs. It really helps the dogs become more adoptable, since they are often a little timid at first around men. You can be Mormon or whatever - we’re a public shelter.

Fear not, brothers. You can walk a big dog. We won’t stick you with a purse pooch, like poor Jay Mohr.

Nice attempt at a redirect with the Nirvana shirt Jay. But it's not really working.

For you single guys – remember that ladies love a man with a dog.

And for you budget-conscious dads, here is a little trick of the trade: if you consider the basic economic concept of opportunity cost, you actually GET PAID to volunteer. I don’t know what I would be doing if I weren’t volunteering to walk dogs, but I guarantee you it would cost more. Since walking a dog costs nothing.

Plus, it’s a great family activity. Give your kids their dog fix and help out a homeless animal at the same time.

So, let's review our next steps.

1) Check to see if you are a man
2) If yes, proceed immediately to your local animal shelter
3) Walk a dog

Couldn't be easier. See you at the management end of a leash soon!

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