Tuesday, July 20, 2010

La Bella ♥

A little less than a week ago I took Bella (kennel A13) out for a short walk. I had not taken her out before, so I didn't know what to expect on our walk. It turns out that walking on a leash isn't much of a problem for her, but getting the leash ON her is. When I got into her kennel, she was really jumpy and excited - a stark contrast to the demure dog I saw when I was standing outside her kennel a few moments prior. I was tempted to give up on leashing her, but I'm glad I didn't. Once out of her kennel, Bella really is a joy to walk. She's respectful and mindful of her walker and will sit when asked. I was pretty sure I would be taking her out again...and soon.

AND I DID! Yesterday, Bella and I went out on a short adventure to the windy marina area on the other side of the overpass (the one that goes over the freeway with the cool bronze statues). We spent about thirty minutes wandering around the huge mounds of dirt and sniffing the dried-up grasses/weeds (that was mostly her). Then, we made our way to the play area under the OTHER overpass; she loved it there! We played fetch and her personal favorite: "hog the tennis balls". After about half an hour of this, I figured it was time that we return to the shelter. All in all, the day was a success, even though I had to sacrifice a sock (she pulled on it too hard while I was trying to leash her up). The following are some photos I took during our play session. Please excuse the terrible quality - these were taken on my cell. Oh, and also excuse the bare leg in the first photo...I was wearing shorts.

"HEY! YOU! Throw this for me!"

"Hmmmm... Which one do I want to play with now..?"

"I guess this one will do..."




Joel said...

Hmmm...I left a mini-shopping bag completely full of used tennis balls in the play area a couple of weeks ago. I was wondering why the supply was dwindling so rapidly. These photos contain valuable clues. BELLA IS BUSTED

Maureen said...

Such cute and sweet photos!! I absolutely love the one of her and all the balls. It looks like a good time was had by all! (I'll bet it was well worth the price of one sock, lol)