Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Doggie Play

More doggie fun on this Valentine's Day.   Julep and Tommy were a lovely matching pair with their glistening black coats.   New puppy Barbara Jean joined the fray and provided some color contrast.

Later back at the shelter's smaller dog run it was time for some dog introductions.  We wanted to see if some new boys were ready for a play session.   Enter our bomb-proof baby Miss Carolina.  It's so handy to have her around to test other dogs with.  She puts up with a lot and we love her for it (and for many other things too!)

Miss Carolina met new boy Juice who apparently had lived with another dog before arriving at the shelter.   He seemed so pleased to engage in some play with the lovely Miss C.

 Finally, I'm afraid we inflicted a rather amorous boy Phillip on Miss Carolina at the end.  Sure, it is V-day and though Phillip was recently neutered it didn't keep him from trying to share his love with Miss Carolina.   She politely declined to engage but did partake of a shared drink (the other pictures were all rather... umm... x-rated).  It was nice to see Phillip out of his kennel enjoying some doggie time as he's still coming out of his shell around human beings.

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Lisa Guerin said...

Juice and Miss Carolina are two great dogs who look great together. Look at those huge grins on those big noggins! What a pair.