Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday Frolics & Sociable Strolls

Randi and I had the pleasure of introducing several shelter dogs on Friday. It was particularly satisfying because all the dogs had already been walked! So, if a pooch pairing didn't seem like a good match we could return the dog to the kennel knowing at least they'd already had some out-of-the-kennel time!

Last week we had Zuma out with several dogs so we knew he'd be a good starting point. Enter Julep who is a lovely dog and was quite keen to play though she's not the pushy type at all.

After a couple of false starts trying to match up dogs we opted to go with another known play pup Miss Carolina. I brought out new boy Riley to meet our oh-so-congenial gal Carolina. It turns out that Riley, who is older, wasn't that interested in playing. Miss Carolina didn't take any offense (does she ever?) and we decided to take the two pooches, a somewhat unexpected duo (young pit with older cattle dog) for a walk together. It was great to see them trotting along companionably.

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