Monday, May 30, 2011

Every Picture Tells a Story

Every animal who walks through the door at BACS is special. Each has their own story to tell. Some dogs can tell you their stories by the look in their eyes. Other stories can be plainly seen on the animals themselves. Skin disease. Failing health. Protruding ribs. Matted fur. Any one of these things tell the story of life on the streets or worse, just plain neglect. Two dogs that recently came through the shelter doors told such tales.

Precious Polly

When Precious Polly first came to BACS at the beginning of April, her sparse fur revealed a severe case of Demox Mange. Despite her discomfort, she was a playful and happy puppy who quickly found a loving family. Unfortunately, Polly was unable to adjust in the home, and when a distrust of men came to the surface, she was returned to the shelter.

Returning to the shelter was very traumatic for Polly and upon seeing this, devoted BACS volunteer, Patsy, sent out an S.O.S. for her to be posted on all our adoption websites as soon as possible. No sooner had she been posted on Facebook when, Diane, a follower of the BACS page, saw her and said those magic words, "I want to help." Patsy sprang into action and within days, Polly was taken into the foster program by Home at Last Rescue (HAL) and placed in Diane's home.

In her new foster home, Polly not only benefits from Diane and Eric's experience as previous foster parents, but also from their success of recently nurturing a lab who also came to them with a fear of men -- and who not only overcame that fear, but became stuck like glue on Diane's husband! Polly already seems to be following that same pattern. Diane reports that while she was a little wary of Eric at first, by the end of the first day she was all about the cuddling!

Hoagie (Jason)

Everyone who met or saw his photo couldn't help but be affected by him. With his big, bully head and lumbering arthritic body, Hoagie could garner sympathy from even the coldest of hearts. At only 10 years of age, his frame carried the bulk of his neglect, making him seem as ancient as a giant tortoise.

For most dogs, being dumped at the shelter is the worst thing that could ever happen to them. But for dogs like Hoagie, it's like they've hit the lottery and the spoils of their new found fortune are everywhere. Years of neglect are replaced with medical care, healthy food and love. But what next for him? It's not like there's a big market for arthritic, senior bully breed dogs with a host of medical issues. The best that we could hope for was a rescue who would take him on a compassion hold and give him a home in which he could experience love, even if only for a short time. But after trying all the area rescues, things where looking dire for Hoagie. Rescue groups are as overwhelmed as city shelters these days. We are all victims of this economic climate.

Hoagie's luck changed, however, when Sherri Franklin, founder of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, gave it one more shot and posted his photo and a plea on her Facebook page. That's where April and Michael found him. Having fostered senior pit bulls before, they couldn't turn their backs on one now -- especially one as deserving as Hoagie.

And so it came to be that Hoagie was taken into Muttville's foster program, and thanks to BACS volunteer, Samara, caught a ride down to Southern California to something that was waiting for him that he'd never experienced before: a loving home.

Hoagie's family reports that he is doing great. Not only do the kids love him, which is plain to see, he's gained the love of their family dog and also the neighbor's Bichon Frise. In the evening he goes on a trail walk with the family, but due to his arthritis, scores a seat in a bike basket on the way home. Most of all Hoagie, (now named Jason), loves laying in the hammock and enjoying the sun.

We couldn't ask for any more.

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