Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Avea / Dee celebrates one year in a home

Who remembers the wonderful Avea, who was at our shelter for almost a year? I never really understood why she was there for so long. She was super-friendly, really smart, and had a great temperament. It's been a whole year since she was adopted to Mike and Kai, who live in Sacramento.

Avea is now Dee, and really seems to be living the life. Check out this update I received, along with some pictures. What a hilarious dog she was (and still is):

"It's been almost a year exactly since we adopted Dee (aka Avea) and we just wanted to say hi and let you know that she's still doing well in Sacramento. I honestly can't believe that it's been a year since we got her, it feels like she's always been part of our lives. And we just love her so much.

Dee is, above all, funny. She flops around on her multiple beds, often sleeping in ridiculous positions with a paw sticking out or her butt not quite all the way in the bed.

She also has multiple toys that I keep stockpiled in a box and every single day, I find at least 4-5 toys lying around in her bed (sometimes all of them) and she has to sleep squeezed into a corner so that all her toys can have enough room. I once found all her bones lined up, in descending order of size. On one walk, she learned that squirrels can climb up trees and for the rest of the walk, she paused to look up at each tree to see if a squirrel was there. And if we let her on the bed, she sleeps like a human on her back with her head on a pillow.

She's also incredibly sweet and smart. She excelled in her doggy classes, and was totally the teachers pet and used for all the demonstrations. She never tries to leave the house without us. I love this about her. We can leave the front door wide open and she's much more interested in being with her people than playing outside.

She is a cuddler and a lover. She barks at new people when they knock on our door but will then run up to them and greet them with licks and a wagging butt as soon as the door is open. We get so many compliments on how great of a dog she is. And my parents, who were initially terrified at the idea that I adopted a pitbull, have repeatedly asked me to leave her with them because they love her so much."

We love happy endings like this one. Thanks for the update, Mike and Kai!


Loraine said...

I am soooo happy for sweet Dee! Her looooong stay in the shelter seems to have been worth the wait - now she has a forever family that truly appreciates what a gem she is in every way. Thanks so much for the follow up.

Maureen said...

This makes me smile from ear to ear.

short angry person said...

Beautiful! I think I adopted her twin from BACS 10 months ago. Those pictures could be my Lola (was Kaya), and my girl has the same silliness to her as well. Congratulations on finding the perfect girl. We are both super blessed. Thank you BACS. ~Miki