Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spay/Neuter License Plate

Although the Pierce Brosnan illustration that complements this most important message may be a turn-off, it is worth considering investing the $50 to spread the word about the need to spay and neuter all cats and dogs. If there is one thing that could lower the numbers of dogs coming into our shelters significantly, it would be mandating spaying and neutering. Of course, we all know that many of the dogs who fill our shelters are the result of backyard breeders who would not heed this mandate, even if it were codified into law; however, it is still not a bad idea to get people who don't make the connections between pet overpopulation, high euthanasia rates and spaying and neutering, thinking, as they sit in traffic behind a car bearing the message.

Go to for more information about ordering this special interest plate.


Joel said...

Thanks Pam,

Also, knowing that low-cost spay/neutering programs are typically the best way to get people to have their pets fixed, are there any events in the area that we should be aware of?

In studies that have been done, cost seems to be the main reason that a lot of pet owners don't have their pets spayed or neutered, so if there are options around that we could help publicize that would be great. I'm just not in the know on any of them in this area.

Pam said...

Yes, there is the Pit Fix at Oakland SPCA, which is a low-cost spay/neuter program. Also, ARF offers free spay/neuter for pit bulls. In Berkeley, the SNYP program offers low-cost spay/neuter to Berkeley residents.

Rob said...

There are also some good resources listed on the Bad Rap page:

Jill said...

Berkeley Animal Welfare Fund is organising a spay/neuter day for dogs in early December. This will be for people throughout the area (not just Berkeley) who need a dog fixed - free of charge! Microchipping & vaccines will also be provided if needed. And as part of our Medical Emergency Fund program, BAWF has already paid for the spay and neuter of 10 dogs and cats since September. We have found that even when the pet is going to the vet for another issue, if the offer of free spay/neuter is made, most people leap at the chance. Contact Jill at (510) 390 3488 if you would like to help with the organisation of The Big Fix Day, or if you know people who may need this service for their dogs!

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