Monday, October 18, 2010

An adoption salute to Miley (now Edie)

For this entry, we have a guest writer. It’s the most beautiful blogger this site has ever had – my wife Holly!

I suppose each volunteer has their own rubric for selecting a dog to walk on any given day. My criteria involves: charm, good looks, and swishing tail. Oh, and I usually look at the walk cards to see who hasn’t been out too. The stars and prong collars aligned and one regular Sunday I found myself with Miss smiley Miley.

An early photo of Miley - grinning from the get-go

Who doesn’t want their first date with a new dog to involve a little cuddle time, a crooked smile, and a lot of sniffing?! Miley and I immediately hit it off. It made me feel good too, to give her a long walk around the lake that first day. And so became our tradition of Sunday walks around the lake. The timing was perfect really – my husband, Joel, was at Bad Rap class with Azul. I would take the hour to do the lake with Miley and then we would meet up afterward. I loved it.

But, I realized I was ready for my next challenge as a volunteer and Miley was ready to learn a few things. So, two months ago, my favorite pittie princess and I showed up to Bad Rap. Well, wouldn’t you know, this girl took to it like a charm! Week one was a little overwhelming – lots of things to see and smell! But, by week two she had mastered sit. By week three she had look. And, by week four down and stay! We were on a roll. This past Sunday she was even reviewed by Bad Rap who told us she was nearly ready to move to the advanced class.

Showing off her 'stay' skills at BAD RAP class

Would you like some mustard to go with this HAM?

Miley’s other pals, two of whom are named Nancy, have been taking her on lots of long walks during the week and on non-Bad Rap days. All the time with her human-friends really paid off. A nice young couple watched Miley’s good work at Bad Rap and were impressed with how she was the perfect combination of attentive and affectionate. I’m so happy that Miley has found her forever home with great new human friends, Jason and Lizzy. I know I’m one of many who’ll miss seeing her down in kennel 21, but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing her around flashing that goofy grin as she wiggles on by. Huzzah for Miley!

On to new adventures


Lisa said...

Yay!! Good Story!

Loraine said...

I am sooo grateful to everyone involved - Miley is off to a good life - HAPPY TAILS, SMILEY!

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