Monday, June 15, 2009

Whatever Happened to Ditty?

The first time I met Ditty was in March 2008, I really did not get to know him because he breezed in and out of our kennels. Ditty was adopted as soon as his 5 day stray hold was up. Unfortunately he was found wandering the streets several months later and brought back to BACS. His "adopter" was notified to come get him, said she would, but never showed.
This second time around at the shelter, things dramatically changed for Ditty. He did not get snatched up for adoption right away, instead during his prolonged 3 month stay, he ended up forming a bad reputation as being a feisty little guy with attitude. Ditty spent his days charming a select group of volunteers (me being one of them) while snapping at potential adopters. He needed to get out into a home soon. I put together Craigslist ads & posted him on our blog last summer) but the chances of him getting adopted were slimming down. I was approached several times by staff asking if I would consider taking him.

Last Labor Day weekend, I brought Ditty over from the shelter to give him a break and try him out with my cats.
I am happy to report his charm was in full swing with my felines. Ditty was finally home.

Life with Ditty is not without challenges but we have made great strides in the past 9 months. Recently Ditty graduated from the Sirius Courteous Canine dog training series. He has fears but we are working through them. All he needed was some T-L-C and stability, don't we all?
I love him with all my heart & little "Ditty-Witty-Woo!" is definitely a part of my family for life.


Pam said...

Ditty Witty is a very lucky boy to have such a doting, attentive mom! Thank you for giving Ditty a chance at life and of course, love.
: )

Anonymous said...

Ditty & you are darling. You are both enhancing each other's life.

Cathy said...

Loraine - this is the picture you should put on Facebook! It is darling! You look radiant!