Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

When I first saw Leo sitting in kennel 58, I could hardly believe my eyes-- he looked just liked my Monkey, who I adopted from the Berkeley shelter almost three years ago. Not only did Leo have similar markings, but he had that sweet, slightly goofy endearing personality that makes Monkey so lovable. In addition, Leo seems to get along well with other dogs, another quality that makes my Monkey a wonderful dog. Leo is so much like Monkey that it is probable he is Monkey's son (fathered before Monkey arrived at the shelter). I keep waiting for the lucky person who realizes how special Leo is, to walk through our shelter doors and give him the forever home he has been waiting for. They will not be disappointed, of that I am sure.


Loraine said...

Leo is a great dog deserving of a wonderful home! It really is uncanny how much he looks like your Monkey!!!! What sweet boys they both are.

Amber said...

LEO!!!!! anybody to pass this lovable pup up is crazy! he reminds me so much of the adorable pitty on the movie homeward bound! I love Leo and would adopt him the first chance I get if my landlord would let me