Friday, May 15, 2009

Duffy & Coco Go Hiking

My friend and I took advantage of the beautiful weather today to take Duffy & Coco out on a lovely hike. They really earned their "adopt me" vests today! I couldn't be more proud of the pair of them. We hiked across creeks, through meadows covered in blooming wildflowers, over rocks, and through forests. Duffy's a natural hiking dog and Coco quickly became one once we taught her to pace herself. They even got commended by passersby on their good trail etiquette! Sorry there aren't better pictures...I guess we were having too much fun watching the dogs and the scenery....

If you look carefully in the meadow picture below, you can just make out Duffy following Beth, the grass was pretty tall!

They were both still ready to sneak in some wrestling during our requisite breaks

Job well done! Duffy and Coco had a rest in the shade chewing on well deserved treats, while we had lunch.


Pam said...

This is great to see! These two deserving dogs had a lucky day to be outside hiking and playing, just like any two dogs who have forever homes.

Anonymous said...

wow i cant belive how this dog looks like my baby who just passed away but she was a girl when i seen the pix it looks so like my baby