Friday, May 15, 2009

Angelina is now Sophie - her first week HOME

After spending 3 months at BACS, Angelina (now Sophie) got to celebrate Mother's Day by going home with her new mommy! I sent an e-mail to check in how things were going.

This is her glowing first week report:

She's been great! She was super hyper for the first couple hours we got her back, but she's settling down a lot. She looooves cuddling. Sometimes she'll sleep on my bed but sometimes she will go into the crate to sleep, she actually seems to like it in there sometimes...i slept with the blankets i put in there the night before so maybe that's why? And she can stand and turn around in there and everything, she doesn't take up as much of that thing as you'd think haha, although when you tell her to go in there and she doesn't do it on her own she will complain at you for a little bit before she shuffles the blankets around and pouts. Then she usually takes a nap or somethin though :]
Her name is Sophie now...she's really REALLY smart, she already knows a lot of commands [although she doesn't always listen right away :p] She's actually doing fine with the cats, she seems to think they're really boring. If she even notices them she'll almost always just sniff at them and move on to more interesting things...
She's really silly, it's so cute haha, she snores, and when she's displeased with something she'll snort at it. hmmm what else...she likes music! but she does NOT like when my brother plays his drums haha, she'll bark at them [she almost NEVER barks at all otherwise] and gets all antsy afterwards. and she doesn't chew on things, except when they're hers, and then she is totally happy to rip them apart [she took the fuzzy crate pad out of her crate and uses it as a bed/chew toy]. And she seems completely housebroken which is great!
I also introduced her to our neighbor's shih tzu Potter and they did just fine, although she was more interested in whatever she's convinced is in the bushes between our houses [I looked, there's nothing haha] she also tricked me into taking her outside last night at about midnight under the ruse of having to go potty, and when we got out there discovered she just wanted to play fetch for the third time that day. i told her this was not going to happen, haha.
She is a very very sweet girl, she loves following me around and gets very excited to meet new people. also very curious, if anything is new she just HAS to go over and sniffle at it.

Anyway thank you!!
Ariel :]

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Pam said...

What wonderful news to hear that Sophie is respecting the cats and settling happily into her new home. Thanks for the update!