Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saturday Play Groups

Duffy and Coco

Bo and Kyle

Gina and I met up on Saturday to do some dog socializations, along with Loraine and her camera. Everyone had a great time!

Duffy and Coco: They're an awesome pair and spent lots of time wrestling. Near the end, they started putting speed into their game....Duffy's faster, but Coco can corner well. Both successfully burned their puppy energy.

Kyle and Bo: Normally we don't pair same sex dogs, but these boys came from the same household so we reunited them. Bo tried to get Kyle to play with him, but Kyle was more interested in carrying his leash. Nonetheless, they seemed to enjoy each other's company....

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Anonymous said...

I met CoCo at the shelter when I was picking up my foster dog and fell in love with her.Unfortunatly my female Bambi only wants male foster dogs in the house. Sonja