Monday, March 30, 2009

Goose: In Memoriam


~1996 - March 30, 2008

Mighty Ms. Goose is the reason that I volunteer at BACS, though she didn't come from there. She had been abandoned at a wildlife area that I was working at in southeast Texas. When my housemates came across her (lying in a dried out lake bed called Goose Flats), she was so skinny, dehydrated, three-legged lame, and absolutely covered in ticks. They carried her home, put her in the backyard, and then we really didn't see her for days. She hid behind a tree in the farthest reaches of the backyard whenever we were around. Over the next weeks, as she gained weight and became reasonably comfortable around us, we discovered that she was terrified of many things, most notably human feet, but once she discovered the comfort of the human bed, she was hooked. She eventually blossomed into a personality fit for a queen - she was opinionated, fiercely independent, and knew what she wanted and when she wanted it. She could make me laugh and drive me crazy all at the same time. I wasn't looking for her, and like many dogs that come through our shelter, Goose wasn't anywhere close to ready-made and took a lot of work in our early years together, but I wouldn't trade that hard work for anything because she became my amazing one-of-a-kind four legged friend.

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Pam said...

RIP Goose. This is a beautiful tribute to your best friend, Anthea. Even in death she continues to influence life, having propelled you to come to our shelter and give love and caring to the doggies who reside there.