Friday, November 14, 2008

What breed(s) is this dog anyway?

So, occasionally a dog arrives at the shelter who is such a mix of mixes that it's hard to pick out a dominant breed. New girl Rainey presents such a challenge. She's a happy, friendly girl with lots of character. As for her heritage? Shepherd? Hound? A pinch of pit? Shar-pei? Any educated guesses or wild speculation?

Curious what others would think, I posted this question and pictures on Craig's list and asked for input. Less than twelve hours later I had received the following responses:

* I would say the dog is a shepherd by the ears I would think GSD and APBT I have seen pictures of purebred pits with that color combination on breeder sites. But, I can safely say a type of Shepherd and APBT mix.
* German Shepard, Pit Bull mix....width of the face is the pit, and the heart shape shading on the top of the head is shepard....Good Luck.. ps shepard's hold their front feet out like that, often crossing their paws..used to work in a Veterinary Hosp.....and we used to play name that breed often, but now you can do a DNA test on dogs....
* looks like greman shepard dobermen mix -- no pit doesnt have the pit eyes or muscle, has long legs and dobe body with short hair coat i got a lab,dobe ridgeback mix
i think it's dobe gremenshepardridgebakmix short coat just what i see im pretty good with finding out different breeds
* I say it's a shepard and cattle dog.
* Could have some Akita in it? Or Beauceron or Malinois?
* german shepherd and boxer with a little great dane thrown in? should be a loyal and very smart family member!
* My guess is a mix of German Shepherd and Pharaoh Hound. Just seeing the ears on your dog brought the image of the Pharaoh Hound to mind.
* I'm no expert but that dog has a Boxer face and Kelpie ears. Just a thought!
* I have a dog that looks just like the one in the pic, she is a Pit bull-Pharaoh hound cross.
* Looks like there is some Great Dane in this dog. My guess is German Shepard and Great Dane mix.
* Hmm hard to tell without being able to feel the texture of the coat. Looks reminiscent of Rhodesian ridgeback... maybe even shar pei.
* my guesses are pitbull, german shepherd, possibly some boxer and/or great dane! A true "Heinz 57" :o)
* Really I don't see any pit in her. I would say cattle dog and malinois. Pits don't have faces like that and their ears are not that prick.
* She is cute though, Reminds me of one I had 13 years ago, he was Akita mix looked a lot like her but with more hair.
* pit/shep good luck
* What does it matter - hes a beautiful mix.
* Your pup looks like a typical GSD/pit mix. I have seen a few where both parents were known, and while the puppies varied in looks, a few looked just like the dog in your ad. I think GSD/pit is a safe guess!
* Hi there, I'm sure that dog has some Belgian Malinois and probably Boxer. Are you adopting? If so you'll need some good training help and will have to keep the dog occupied. Malinois are very intelligent and need tons of mental and physical stimulation. Good luck!
* Ears, coat, color and jaw/face bone shows boxer in there. To be sure you can do DNA test.

Note: I'm kind of partial to the Malinois Shepherd theory. Check out these images:

Malinois 1
Malinois 2
Malinois 3
Malinois 4
Malinois 5

BTW, Rainey is a lovely dog and she's looking for a home! Read more about her here.


charelj said...

She looks like she is part GSD, possible pit/Staff, or could have some Dane in her, by the look of her ears. Would be interesting to do a DNA on her.

geminigrl24 said...

I say part american staffordshire and Rhodesian Ridgeback. I've had both but not mixed. One of my rednose staff's ears sticks up like that.

Anonymous said...

She's so funny and cute looking with those ears! I definitely have to agree with the malinois ears/coloring of the top of the head, but the white on the nose and feet scream boxer, or at least some bully breed.