Thursday, November 27, 2008

Malcolm is on the Mend

Border collie mix Malcolm arrived at the shelter with a HUGE growth on his right back leg. Animals with odd and unexpected maladies pass through the shelter doors and this was surely one of the more obvious. Poor pooch didn't seem to be phased by the growth, he was happy to go running in the park with a volunteer or rolling in the ice plant (a favorite activity) but we assumed it didn't bode well for his general well-being.

Well, surprise. The biopsy report came back and it was declared to be a benign growth. Good news indeed. However, this introduced a few challenges. The shelter was willing to pay for the surgery but a foster home had to be secured before the surgery could take place. Foster homes have been hard to come by lately due to all the financial upheaval. Volunteers were not deterred. We put out the word that a deserving dog was in need. It was heartening to receive responses from several people offering to assist. In the end, a very kind woman came up to meet Macolm. She has several rescue dogs of her own and a large plot of land which would ideal for exercising a border collie who loves to run (don't they all). She agreed to foster Malcolm after the surgery. Yippeee. We're very pleased to report that the surgery was performed and that Malcolm has settled into his foster home. He has been described as "a treasure" by his foster mom, Jill.

Thanks to Kate, shelter staff, Pam, Anthea, Cindi, Suzanne and Jill for their efforts on behalf of Malcolm. He is now available for adoption through Home at Last Rescue.

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