Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chica comes around...

For those of you who don't know Chica, she's a young cutie pie shelter dog who has major attitude in the kennels. She puts up a ferocious show when dogs go past her kennel. Out on walks, she's bound to bark up a storm around other dogs as well. We were really beginning to fear that this baby girl's chances of adoption were slim.

Kate and I decided to find out how she would respond to a bit of attitude adjustment. We also were keen to determine if she's all bark and no bite. So, we took her outside and waited to see what she'd do when a dog came along. We didn't have to wait long as May Lee strolled by with a volunteer and Ms. Chica launched into her wild & crazy girl routine. Kate immediately corrected her. Fortunately, Chica responded well to the direction!

I then brought out good old Hendrix who loves to play and is as friendly as they come. He was interested to meet Chica despite her less than pleasant greeting. However, Kate had to repeatedly remind Chica that such behavior is not allowed. Chica appeared to get the message and settled down a bit. After 5 minutes or so, we allowed her to come close enough to Hendrix to sniff him. They exchanged some sniffs, wagged their tails (a good sign) and "just like that" our little fireball Chica went into play mode. She rolled over and did some play bows, inviting Hendrix to play.

Happy Days! We took the pair over to the dog run and let them roar around together. It was a pleasure to see her finally at ease with another dog, and wearing off some of that puppy energy.

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