Friday, September 19, 2008

Sphere Goes Home!

Sphere came to our shelter with his older (and smaller) companion, Pami on April 18th. Overweight and undersocialized, this pooch really needed some tender loving attention. BACS volunteers came to the rescue and walked Sphere as often as possible, slimming this handsome boy down to his now svelte figure, by at least 25 lbs! When Sphere was taken out for walks, he would bark incecssantly upon spotting another dog-- it was indeed a bit trying at first to take what was to became a very lovable bear of a dog out for a park jaunt. Pami was adopted rather quickly, and consequently Sphere sank into a depression. When he spotted a small dog or duck in the distance, his tail would instantly start wagging in mistaken anticipation of being reunited with Pami. But gradually, Sphere emerged from his funk, and became this very companionable, sweet guy who was incredibly responsive to his walker, and much less vocal around other dogs. Walking Sphere became a pleasure! To watch this boy become healthier and more connected to humans throughout his time at BACS was a joy, and one that was not lost on his new adopters, who also have a smaller female who he hit it off with immediately. So, as of September 14th, Sphere has an adoring mom and dad and a little sister, too! Who could ask for more for our dear Sphere? (And they're keeping the name--thanks, April!)

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Loraine said...

YAY!!!!! We are sooo happy for Sphere :>)