Friday, September 12, 2008

Quincy now "Casey": Winning the doggie jackpot

We adopted Quincy last March & I just wanted to let you know that he's the love of our lives. My husband didn't have any experience with pitbulls & was skeptical about adopting one, but now he is the biggest pitbull fan & advocate going! I've always loved the breed but never had one in my home & now I'm an even bigger fan of bullies. Thanks go out to Joyce for patiently guiding us to the right companion. We didn't even have Quincy on our list of dogs we wanted to meet, but we're SO glad she suggested him to us. We feel like we hit the doggie jackpot!! Casey does well with people, children, other dogs -- even our cats! He has zero aggression & is just a big lover. Thanks again! Melissa

Note: Thank you Melissa for sending this update. Volunteers live for these stories! It sounds like Casey won the lottery too when he got to go home with you!

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Melissa said...

When we adopted Quincy/Casey he was listed as a Pit/Boxer mix. Well, we just got him a DNA test & it turns out he's 4 types of terrier: pit, staffie, boston, & jack russel - with a leeetle bit of shar pei thrown in way back! Just wanted to share!

Melissa & Casey