Friday, June 6, 2014

The girls show the new big boys how to play, play, play!

Two new big boys arrived at the shelter this week:  Darryl and Bobaloo.   This was good news for the girls as our other resident male players Alfred and Roger left for BEBHS last week.   Dolly and Scarlett were more than happy to welcome them with some play.

Bobaloo (left) tries to keep us with Dolly's fast pace

Dolly slows down for some doggie kisses

Bobaloo considering the enthusiastic overtures of Ms. Dolly

Scarlett (left) and Darryl did play some but they were both most interested in interacting with the humans in the room

This is my human!
Look at these shiny happy pooches!    
Elsa (left) also hung out with Darryl for a bit.   

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Lisa G. said...

WOOT!! The two new boys are sweet, playful, and oh so handsome.