Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christine eases Akuma into some play

It was lovely to see Christine patiently engage with Akuma today.    She was excited to meet him but realized that our big boy was a bit unclear on how to proceed.  He sniffed around, unsure of how to respond to her overtures.

Christine let him sniff her and lowered her energy so their interactions could go smoothly (it seemed anyway).  Akuma did get the hang of towards the end.  He did some silly open mouth caressing and we hope to see a play bow some day soon!


Diane said...

That's my new BAD RAP girl, Christine!

Christine was buzzing with energy at her first class last week. With class being on Sunday, there wasn't much time to tire her out ahead of time. But she was a very good girl -- comfortable around the other dogs, gave great eye contact, and did awesome sits! Between exercises Christine enjoyed sitting close, making body contact, and getting head rubs and ear massages! Her ears are so soft!!!

Whoever adopts this girl is going to be very lucky!

Anonymous said...

Christine is my favourite!!!! She's so adorable.