Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Frolics with the Gang

Such a fun mix of pooches today....  Logan and all his girl friends as seen below.

The charms of Mom and Seashell bring Logan to the floor!

Such a lovely matching red pair:  Logan and Mom!

Logan lounges as the girls Doughy, Robin and Seashell stand tall

Yay, Robin started to get the hang of how this play thing works and became more actively engaged.  It was so great to see her jumping around with glee!

Robin's been through some rough times but things are looking up thanks to the care and attention of BACS staff and volunteers

New gal pals Seashell, Robin and Terri!

Terri's turn to hit the deck, silly pooch

Seashell handles Terri's active puppy energy.  Good girls!

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Love it!