Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's a Hen's Life

Many creatures pass through the Berkeley shelter, usually of the canine and feline variety.  When a chicken arrives it's almost always a rooster (no surprise) who has likely riled the neighbors with an early morning salute.   

Recently, a Barred Rock hen named Poodle showed up to spend some time in one of the cat rooms as she waited for a new home (not a pot thank you very much!)    She faithfully laid an egg a day and was quite vocal about her accomplishment.   No doubt the neighboring cats were wondering what all the fuss was about!

Poodle at the shelter with curious onlooker

We're pleased to report that Poodle (now "Shirley") did indeed find a chicken coop to call her own here in Berkeley.

Indeed, she now bunks with sister hens Louise and Renee high in the sky

The digs aren't bad -- plenty of fresh air and sunlight

The hens make their way down to the ground for some bug wrangling and pecking via a spiral staircase

Shirley learned very quickly how to maneuver the stairs.  She's one smart bird!

Here she is in the yard doing what chickens do... Frankly, Shirley rules the roost despite her newcomer status.  This girl is tough!  No doubt she was hardened on the mean streets of Piedmont where she lived before she did time at the shelter.

An, umm, "interested" visitor stops by to say "Hi."  Mmmm, no can opener required.

Enjoying a dust bath in the sunshine.  It's a simple but good life.

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