Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bubba's Big Playday

It was a good day to be Bubba at the shelter.  Our big new sweet boy got to play with two different gal pals over at the dog run.

We first introduced Bubba to Junebug for some polite sniffing and interaction.   Junebug is becoming more and more relaxed and we're so happy to see it.   Bubba was clearly interested but didn't push her.   He was a complete gentleman.  They did eventually exchange some play bows which was encouraging.  We think the next date will be even better!

Beautiful chocolate brown girl

Bubba's second date was a rollicking good time.  Ms. Daphne was raring to go and they zoomed madly around the yard.

Daphne is full of puppy energy and she is fast!

Sweet doggie kisses

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Melissa Stevens Quilter said...

These dogs are so lucky to have these opportunities to refine their social skills before joining their forever homes! We love BACS and all you do.