Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some Sharpei Spice

For whatever reason, we have a splash of Sharpei DNA at the shelter right now it seems, not exactly a common occurrence.

I admit I have heightened sharpei awareness and appreciation. I adopted the doggie love of my life almost 9 years ago, Jelly, and she's a sharpei mix (it's the only visible "for sure" ingredient in her recipe). I know one day when my dear pooch is no longer at my side (sob) that I'll be looking for some wrinkles and silly ears to grace my couch again.

Admittedly, purebred sharpeis are not low-maintenance. Those wrinkle folds and little ears require regular cleaning clean and the breed is subject to an eye disease called entropion which requires surgery for relief. However, they're loyal, loving pooches and often are good watch dogs. A devoted couple run the California Sharpei Rescue up in Redding and pulls peis from shelters all over.

Facebooks followers will have seen the fabulous pictures of current purebred sharpei, Playboy. It's a thrill to see him so joyful in his foster home.

BACS pooch Playboy:

Then there's current resident Greta with her fuzzy face and accent eyebrows.

And our adorable wrinkle-boy Zuma:

Former resident, Ming, with her beautiful apricot coat arrived at the shelter several years ago and exited to a home of her own:

My own Jelly, a Berkeley Humane alumna who sniffs me up and down each time I return from volunteering at BACS.

Finally, for those of you unable to adopt a sharpie of your own... consider the gnome-ish option, very low upkeep and it'll perk up your garden!

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