Sunday, August 26, 2012

Carmen goes for a walk (sorta)

Carmen is one of our most rotund shelter residents. As a senior pooch, she definitely not as excitable (understatement) as the many young shelter dogs surrounding her who are eager to work off some energy. It's also true she's probably gained a few pounds since her arrival as she's ever appreciative of the treats proffered by volunteers and she spends most of her down time sitting on her bed in the kennel which isn't a calorie-burning activity.

That said, Carmen does perk up when she realizes a volunteer has picked her to venture out on a walk. I took her out today for the first time. In addition to her "extra" weight Carmen has some hip issues so she's a bit unstable at times. It quickly became apparent that the walk would involve, well, lots of not walking. However she's game and will carefully wend her way down to the park.

Once I realized her preference for frequent breaks I was able to relax and appreciate her zen approach. What's the hurry? There's a lot to see here in this spot and lots to ponder (or not) without rushing onto something else. In the end is was an entirely appropriately-paced stroll. Thank you Carmen!

She stops to sniff.

She stands.

She poses.

She rests.

She rests a bit more.

She walks.

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