Monday, May 7, 2012

BAD RAP action

Whew, it is getting hot out. Let's see which dogs and handlers are able to beat the heat, and who is wilting.

Brad is clearly not in a working mood.

This is a little more like it. Lia and Patches are ready for action. So are Michelle and Jeannie.

Girlie and Addie looking strong in the wedding march.

Peter has Bernard moving right along.

DeAnna and Donner are ready for their turn. But Joey looks to be giving out on Angelika.

BUSTED. Laura finds out the hard way...once Paco finds a cool shady spot, there is no moving him.

Cindy and Lady Belle look motivated. So do Optimus and Courtney.

Sigh...Earth to Brad. Come in please.

1 comment:

Ilana said...

Ha! That's funny. The Brad I know is always ready to go! Must have been pretty hot out there.