Sunday, January 15, 2012

The BACS Blog Interview: Cola and Oreo

These litter mates have spent too much of their young lives at BACS. But they are both friendly, fun, attentive dogs which means that they get lots of walks from volunteers. The BACS blog was lucky to corral them long enough to get an interview.

BACS Blog: Now that I’ve got you both in front of me, I have to admit that it is really hard to tell you two apart.

Cola: Well, I’m Cola.

Oreo: And I’m Oreo.

BB: Thanks, that was really super-helpful.

Cola: In my opinion, the easy way to tell us apart is that one of us is just a little bit cuter than the other

Oreo: But Cola won’t tell me which one it is

Cola: Keep thinking about it.

BB: All right, we’re not trying to start any sibling rivalries today. Surely there must be a way to tell you apart.

Oreo: Well, Rachana takes me to BAD RAP class.

Cola: And Shannon takes me. So that’s a good way to tell who is who.

BB: BAD RAP class? You guys are pretty young for that, aren’t you? I didn’t think it was for puppies.

Cola: Who you calling a puppy? We’re coming up pretty mature. Just look at Oreo in class last week. Pretty good, huh?

BB: Not bad, Oreo.

Oreo: Well it looks easy, but doing a good down-stay with all those other dogs around is really hard for a friendly guy like me.

BB: Looks like you guys are coming right along.

Cola: We’re getting there. We really are different dogs. People think we’re exactly alike because we’re litter mates, but we’re actually a lot different.

BB: Really? What is your favorite food?

Cola: Kibble

Oreo: I’d also have to go with kibble.

BB: Favorite drinks?

Cola: I like water.

Oreo: LOVE water!

BB: Favorite dog at the shelter?

Cola: Oreo.

Oreo: Probably Cola.

BB: Guys, this is some really insightful stuff.

Oreo: Well, we’re still young! We haven’t seen too much of the outside world yet.

BB: What’s the holdup for getting into a home?

Cola: We’ve been wondering about that ourselves. I think it was those Simpsons puppies a few months ago. Remember Mr. Burns, Marge, and the rest of that litter? That was a lot of puppies up for adoption. They probably temporarily fulfilled the puppy demand. We’re hoping to catch the post-Christmas wave.

Oreo: Yeah, we're not giving up. Did you hear that we were made an appearance at Sports Basement in Walnut Creek last weekend? Looking good and representing the shelter!

BB: Well good luck guys, I’m sure something will work out soon for you.

Cola: Spread the word!

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Ilana said...

Great interview -- I love it! Cola is now in a loving foster home. It's Oreo's turn next...