Tuesday, November 1, 2011

BAD RAP Action

Lots of dogs and handlers are doing good work at class, let's take roll call:

DeAnna gives some personal instruction to Ethan.

Faline does a perfect "down" for David.

Molly and Shelley have the hang of it too.

Dozer does a not-as-perfect "down" for Andy. Dozer likes to take a bit of creative license when following commands!

Jill and Bagel take a break.

Caroline has turned Galloway into a rising class star.

See you next week Anne and Fancy!

I had Jupiter this week. What a fun guy he is! He needs some work but this was only his first class. He had a great time.

Godiva, Joey, Leroy, and Blue are also class regulars. Stop by anytime to watch your favorite dogs in action! And you can see some former BACS dogs whose adopters continue to bring them to class. 11:30 - 12:30 on Sundays in the parking lot right next to the shelter.

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anne said...

Great to see the crew out there strutting their stuff (though it looks like I need to improve my posture). If any of you BACS volunteers are interested in joining us, I know there are still lots of pitties waiting for a partner!