Friday, June 17, 2011

A few pictures of our boy Chance

Based on these pictures, has Chance...

a) Enrolled in a survivalist training program?
b) Been adopted by Robin Hood?
c) Moved to Marin County?
d) Become a park ranger?

Answer below...

Answer: C

Chance's adopters Bill and Wendy live in Marin County so now he gets to run around in redwood forests. Don't be a stranger, Chance! Chance came to BAD RAP class last week, so he's still giving access to his local fans. What a considerate dog!

D was a throwaway answer by the way. If Chance had become a park ranger, he would have to wear one of those tan hats.

Chance hasn't gone totally crunchy though. He's also taken an interest in home renovation. Here he helps Bill and Wendy look for specials at The Home Depot.

It's enough to wear a dog out!


Anonymous said...

He's such a great dog! Congrats!

Pam said...

These pictures are so heartwarming. Thank you for sharing them, Joel! Chance is an outstanding dog who deserves every good thing that seems to be coming his way. How wonderful for him!

Maureen said...

This blog made me so happy! I just love seeing Chance out living the beautiful life he deserves. I especially love the photo of him laying in the creek!!

Thanks to Bill and Wendy, and to Joel for sharing with us!

wendy.i said...

Thank you, Joel! It is delightful and wonderous to watch Chance unfold, discover, and gain confidence. We are discovering a sweet, smart, willing, and funny forever friend. We are grateful to BACS for helping us with our adoption process. We look forward to seeing you all along our journey toward AKC CGC.