Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who's That Happy Girl? Fiona!

It's been three months since my mom and I adopted Fiona, the super-friendly, butt-wiggling, cow-printed pit mix. And I'm happy to report that she's doing great! She gets to go on daily walks, and trips to the dog park every couple of weeks. She is so great with other dogs: she has never been aggressive with any of them, no matter the size or gender. Her best friend is my mom's friend's 40 pound Rottweiler puppy (who will eventually be about 130 pounds), who she helped nurture out of a very fearful state.

We are convinced that she is mixed with Bull Terrier (we've been told she looks like Spuds Mackenzie), Greyhound (she is EXTREMELY fast), Pointer, Basenji, Border Collie (she does the low-to-the-ground stealthy walk they do sometimes), and probably more.

She is very well-trained now and knows sit, down, shake, high-five, leave it, play dead, come, up (jumping in the air, not on us), and stay. I have trained her to walk off -leash very well, and we can now take walks through the city (on the less busy streets, of course) without a leash, and she will stay right next to me (well within six feet, which is within the Berkeley law parameters). Our only complaint is that she gets VERY excited in crowded areas where she is not allowed to greet every person and dog and will cry very loudly. She also gets very depressed if we ever have to go out of town. But besides that, she is a total angel! Thanks so much for giving her to us!

Written by Maya G.

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Joel said...

Maya, thanks for continuing to volunteer at the shelter despite having Fiona at home. She looks like a happy dog!