Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life is a beach for Paris

I’d like to share an update I’ve received from Paris’s adopters: "Unfortunately, Paris is really struggling to adapt to her new home. Her debilitating shyness and chronic fear of humans has proven to be a huge obstacle, and we've had to resort to extreme measures to keep her upbeat."

Ha ha, that was just a little paw-pulling to see who is paying attention! Hopefully you didn’t fall for it. Shy??? PARIS???????

Paris was one of the friendliest, happiest, most social dogs to come through our shelter in recent memory, so it’s no surprise that she is doing great in her new home. Here is the REAL update from her adopter Hilarie. Paris has been renamed Shiva, but everything else sounds pretty familiar.

Tomorrow is the month anniversary of our adoption and I just wanted to let you know how great Shiva is doing. She is literally stopping traffic with her beauty -an SF tree trimmer stopped his truck and interrupted my trainer's class to run over to look at her! But we won't let it go to her head - I'm putting a lot of training on her. She's super respectful (even to the cat!) and responsive - she sits automatically at each curb now and down stays quite nicely -we're working on further proofing all those commands every day of course - I see real potential as a therapy dog in this one!

It looks like everything is great for a former shelter favorite. And of course I’m going to repost this picture since I think it’s the BACS photo of the year.

And did we mention that Shiva lives in Pacifica, right on the beach? Now taking dogsitter applications!


Addie said...

I <3 Paris! This is so great! (and of course I didn't fall for it ;)

Joel said...

Don't worry, I will fool somebody. I bet Barbara will believe the story.

Anonymous said...

oh goodie, I'm in Pacifica too. I'm gonna keep my eyes out for Paris! Won't she be surprised when I know her name. lol does she go to anna bees dog boutique/bakery (pedro point) where they give 10%off to pits????

miki said...

Awwww! And yes, I love that picture. The whole series actually. Adorable. So happy for this pup.

Hilarie said...

HI 'ANONYMOUS'! Yes, that white studded collar in the pic is from Annabee's of course! Since you live in Pac Town if you have a pittie too, Shiva is definately looking for some playmates!! Thanks everyone for the nice wishes -I will send some more photos along shortly!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hilarie,
Oops I meant to say Shiva (not Paris) I do have a pit mix Buster (4 yrs) but not sure how his gf would feel about him meeting up with another girl. lol Hopefully we will run into you at the beach or anna bees! Keep those pics coming. :)

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