Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Max takes the express route to a home

The longer a dog is at the shelter, the more popular the dog becomes with the volunteers. And let's face it, some of our dogs have managed to become VERY popular. However, let's not forget the dogs whose stay at the shelter is a short one.

Max was a puppy left in one of our night boxes. He was at the shelter only briefly before finding a home with volunteer Nancy Evans and her family. I don't think he even made it to our Facebook page or the adoption websites, but this guy would have had a lot of fans at the shelter! It's great to see him go right to a good home though, especially since he was so young when he arrived.

Here is a report and a few pictures from Nancy. Looks like nothing in the house is safe!

The scared little puppy left in a BACS night box is now a fully accredited member of the Evans household. Max (a baby of 8 weeks) had foxtails deeply embedded in both ears and one eye, causing infections, but thanks to BACS, University Vet, and good home care, he recovered fully. Max loves using the kitty door, which made housetraining super easy. He also sleeps thru the night, a blessing for any new parent, and uses his crate for naps. Max’s preferred activities are sleeping, shredding, and playing. (Despite kidnapping quite a few shoes, he actually only chews the ends of the shoelaces.) Max and the boys, ages 6 and 8, are learning to treat each other with love and respect, and having a great time.


Lisa said...

Yay! Love those happy stories! Puppies shred - even big puppies...

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