Friday, September 10, 2010

Hercules check-in

I'm sure we all remember Hercules, who went to a sanctuary in Humboldt County several weeks ago. I called the sanctuary to follow up on how Hercules was doing, and got some good news. He was adopted quickly! The sanctuary uses caution when they adopt out pits and pit mixes, but they were very pleased with the couple that adopted Hercules. Herky is now residing up in Humboldt County, and it sounds like all is well with him.

Unfortunately no pictures or adopter testimonials but I wanted to share with everyone. Hercules had a long road to find his home but it looks like it finally happened for him. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked with this lovable but challenging dog, especially Mike & Summer Vodnoy and Larry Gurley who put in a lot of hours with him. Plus Tim, Donna, and Donyale at BAD RAP who also helped him along.

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