Thursday, January 28, 2010

What happened to Eddie?

Dear sweet, sweet Eddie! What's not to love about this fun, playful, cuddly, charming gentleman? Eddie arrived at the Berkeley Shelter in August and quickly became a volunteer favorite. With his good looks, people oriented personality, and sweet temperament, volunteers were sure that Eddie would be scooped up right away. Sadly, month after month, Eddie remained at the shelter waiting for his forever home.

A few weeks ago, Eddie was moved into a much coveted foster home and is now living with a doggy sibling, a kitty, and 2 great foster parents who will love and care for him until Eddie's forever family comes along.

Want to read more about Eddie and his adventures in foster care? Then visit Eddie's very own blog!


Joel said...

He's not only handsome, but he's incredibly literate.

Pam said...

View Eddie in search and rescue training here: